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In our efforts we empower investors to maximize their portfolios to help them meet their financial goals responsibly.

By offering customized and sophisticated strategies, we help clients' portfolios grow organically and foster a trusted consumer-consultant relationship.

Having developed an expert advisor specifically for EURUSD and traded automatically on an hourly timeframe our results are astonishing.

Main goals are to provide passive income to new and experienced traders and diversify a majority of their portfolio to the pros.

Activation is performed via our trusted and regulated FX broker, step 1 below, where you simply need to verify your details, open an MT4 live account and deposit funds.

Enrollment to our PAMM (Percentage Allocation Money Management) is performed, step 2 below, with a minimum deposit of EUR 1,000 to ensure fair breakdown of gains to investors.

From there on investors can deposit and withdraw any amount at will with no delays. 

Most importantly is the monitoring that is performed on the expert advisor since our dedicated team follow through on every transaction to ensure correctness of trades. 

Our trading results are meticulously monitored and verified through Myfxbook, a trusted third-party platform for forex trading analysis. We believe in providing our clients with accurate and reliable data to help them make informed decisions.

In addition we will update our presentation weekly for clients and followers to be able to view updates on the site as well as performance of live activity and backtesting also.

Day Trading team official presentation updated every week

EA Algorithmic Trading_July 2024
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Product Price Fee Description
Managed foreign exchange account (PAMM) FREE 20% high watermark performance fee
Strategy Development EUR 750 Full hedging/distribution and exit strategy
Market Analysis EUR 100 per analysis Per technical analysis per currency


Managed FX accounts (PAMM)

Enroll in our FX managed account and let the pros do the work for you.


Strategy Development

Custom trading strategies aligned with your financial goals.

Market Analysis

In-depth market analysis to inform your trading decisions.


Frequently Asked Questions

What markets do you cover?

We cover a wide range of markets, including stocks, forex, and commodities, providing comprehensive analysis and insights.

How personalised are your coaching services?

Our coaching services are highly personalised, tailored to meet your individual goals, experience level, and schedule.

What makes your strategy development unique?

Our strategy development is unique because it's custom-tailored to each client's risk tolerance and financial objectives, incorporating both foundational and advanced trading techniques.

“Since I started diversifying with Day Trading, my understanding of the market has deepened, and my portfolio has seen a remarkable improvement. The team's expertise is unparalleled.”

Alexis P.

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Founded by FX experts, Day Trading is a consultancy firm dedicated to empowering individuals in the trading world. With a team of experienced traders and analysts, we provide services that cover market analysis, strategy development, and personal coaching. Our mission is to demystify the trading process, offering insights and strategies that enable our clients to make informed decisions and achieve their financial goals. At Day Trading, we believe in a personalised approach, tailoring our services to meet the unique needs and aspirations of each client.